VHPready Services GmbH is a subsidiary of the Industry Alliance VHPready e.V. It will provide operational assistance to the Industry Alliance in the implementation and dissemination of the standard developed. The offer is aimed to member companies of the Industry Alliance as well as to interested companies outside the Industry Alliance.

Certification according to VHPready

VHPready Services GmbH carries out the certification according to the standard VHPready. Virtual power plant operators and manufacturers of virtual power plant components (including battery storages, combined heat and power units, process heaters, heat pumps, information and control technology) may obtain certification according to VHPready through accredited testing laboratories. The objective is to simplify and speed up the prequalification process for the electricity balancing market through the certification according to VHPready.

On this account, VHPready Services GmbH develops testing specifications and reference systems in cooperation with transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs). A VHPready certification will be offered, for the first time, for VHPready version 4.0. For a transitional period VHPready Services GmbH will develop mechanisms for a preliminary assessment and certification of VHPready energy facilities and components; they will be published here upon completion. Members of the Industry Alliance VHPready will receive privileged access to the finalized version of the technology and testing specification, thus gaining a competitive advantage through an early certification option.

Benefits of a certification according to VHPready at a glance:

The certification

  • ensures the grid stability by using standardized communications and control components for decentralized power plants;
  • simplifies and speeds up the prequalification process for the energy balancing market;
  • significantly shortens the implementation phase of certified system components in new as well as existing virtual power plants, thereby reducing the costs;
  • further reduces the costs for functional enhancements of the virtual power plant during the operating phase;
  • guarantees a restriction-free and secure integration of system components into virtual power plants;
  • ensures the upward and downward compatibility between system generations;
  • enables multi-vendor strategies due to system compatibility, i.e. prevention of vendor lock-in;
  • improves the integration of energy facilites for the provision of system services in the energy control market

Comprehensive services

In addition to the certification option, VHPready Services GmbH provides advisory support to all members and interested parties. The application of the standard VHPready in the industry is discussed and explained in conferences and training workshops. On request, VHPready Services GmbH will broker services relating to the implementation of the standard VHPready into the customers / manufacturer’s system environment.

The registration with the commercial register of Berlin took place on May 1, 2015. VHPready Services GmbH can be found in the commerical register under HRB 166800.

Your contact person

Chief Executive Officer VHPready Services GmbH
Franziska Schuth
Mobile: +49 172 1504 407

Exklusively for members

You are welcome to visit us on the EUREF Campus in Berlin, an internationally accepted research and development center for the Energiewende. For meetings and conferences, we offer a conference room for up to 8 people on request.


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