How can I become a member and what are my options for involvement?
For application purposes regarding the membership in the industry alliance VHPready please contact our CEO or send an email to You can find information about the organizational structure of the industry alliance VHPready e.V. and some membership information as well as current membership fees in here.

Further information can be found in the constitution (EN) as well as in the application form (EN), which you will have to complete, sign and send to the address of the industry alliance VHPready e.V indicated. The application will be reviewed promptly and will then be confirmed by the office, generally at short notice. The membership rules (EN) provide information on the various types of membership as well as the corresponding options for involvement and membership fees, a summary can be found here (DE).

There are three membership levels for full members, differing in status: supporting, contributing and adopting; their rights and benefits are set out in the membership rules. Every type of membership is most welcome in order to advance the industry standard VHPready and to support this initiative. The achievement of the industry alliance objectives is substantially encouraged by an active involvement of its members and by the largest possible number of market players committing to this initiative by becoming a member.

What is the objective of the industry alliance VHPready?
The industry alliance VHPready’s objective is to create and establish an open industry standard which ensures the interoperability and controllability of system components in virtual power plants. The added value of this objective is equally evident for virtual power plant operators, for transmission system operators (TSO) and distribution system operators (DSO) as well as for their system components suppliers: Industry standards advance the development of markets and help reduce system costs. The association also aims at simplifying and accelerating the prequalification process of new system modules in close cooperation with the TSOs. Last but not least, the association intends to be an information sharing platform for all actors in some form involved in the integration of renewable energies into the energy supply system.

Who will benefit from the industry alliance VHPready and why is a membership important?
A network is the key to an integration of renewable energies into the energy supply system. In 2011, the German Academy of Technical Sciences (acatech) expressed this fact in its innovative study stating: “Germany’s energy transition can only be achieved with Smart Grids”. Therefore, all actors in some form involved in the integration of renewable energies will benefit from the industry alliance VHPready: virtual power plant operators, TSOs, DSOs as well as all suppliers of system modules which are to be interconnected in virtual power plants.

The industry standard VHPready is of vital importance:
– for virtual power plant operators in order to ensure that the individual system components (photovoltaics, wind turbines, heat pumps, CHPs, biogas plants, small hydropower plants, heating elements, sensors, control centers and other control facilities as well as IT platforms) are able to interact. This is all the more important as the innovation cycles for system components are becoming shorter and shorter due to enormous R&D efforts churned by the energy transition, very often shorter than their depreciation periods. In the case of a mix of technologies from various suppliers – even in the event of various systems from one supplier – the upwards and backwards compatibility of system components is therefore a decisive factor for success for an operator’s business model. Furthermore, standards always help reduce the costs for the development of systems and promote competition, overall resulting in a reduction of the system costs and thereby reducing the investment needs.

– for TSOs and DSOs in order to safeguard their interests as responsible bodies for the transmission and distribution by shaping and advancing the standard as well as the corresponding certification process. This aspect is particularly relevant in light of the new market design emerging from the energy transition and the thereby evolving and new market roles of the individual actors. In view of the additional requirements resulting from these market developments, the industry alliance with its standardization and certification activities in agreement with the TSOs and DSOs intends to have a positive and accelerating effect on the prequalification processes.

– for system component suppliers in three respects

  • The establishment of VHPready as industry standard saves suppliers the trouble of developing project-related adaptations. Thus, they may reduce their system’s variety, thereby saving development costs as well as service, documentation and product training expenses.
  • As nonprofit association by statute the industry alliance provides its members with a platform for information sharing in a non-competitive surrounding. Here, suppliers have the opportunity of receiving direct market feedback from their potential customers – in particular when actively cooperating in the working groups – and of even better adapting their range of services to the needs of the market.
  • By actively cooperating in the working groups, manufacturers / suppliers of system components may introduce their own initiatives into the advancement of the industry standard and thus safeguard and promote their own commercial interest.

Your contact person

Franziska Schuth, Chief Executive Officer, VHPready Services GmbH

„The future of energy is decentralized and digital. Through VHPready we have the opportunity to accelerate this development and to offer economic solutions - not only in Germany but also internationally. Thereby we can support the transition of the energy market significantly.“ Franziska Schuth, Chief Executive Officer, VHPready Services GmbH


Franziska Schuth
Chief Executive Officer
VHPready Services GmbH
EUREF-Campus 13
10829 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 3988 4445
Mobile: +49 172 1504 407


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