“Industry-wide standards like VHPready ensure the efficient networking and integration of decentralized energy systems into virtual power plants. They are going to shape the energy industry of the future sustainably.” – Dietmar Kohl, AUCOTEAM GmbH

    “As a provider of complete systems for virtual power plants we want to support VHPready as we see it as an important standard.” ― Konrad Früh, KISTERS AG
  3. MicrobEnergy GmbH

    “A cross-sectoral, intelligent Integration of renewables into the heating market requires a high degree of communication between different market players. This is provided by the VHPready standard” ― Tobias Otta, MicrobEnergy GmbH
  4. OHP Automation Systems GmbH

    “When building virtual power plants, VHPready enables the smooth integration of components and systems.” – Dr. Thorsten Fiedler
  5. RheinEnergie AG

    “VHPready can prove to be the gateway for a successful, efficient access to flexibility also for smaller Producers and consumers.” ― Dr. Andreas Schmitt, RheinEnergie AG
  6. VPC GmbH

    “With the VHPready – Standard we are already shaping the energy world of tommorrow.” ― André Zarse, VPC GmbH