WG1: Advancement of VHPready

The first working group is concerned with the maintenance and further development of the VHPready specifications in order to connect decentralised energy systems to the control centre of a virtual power plant via secure telecontrol connections. Both interoperability and IT security must be taken into account. The members of AG1 develop data models for different energy systems and maintain contact with energy traders, grid operators and other stakeholders to ensure that the VHPready requirements take into account the requirements of as many market participants as possible. In addition, it must be constantly checked how the security requirements for communication in energy systems are evolving - for example through new standards - and to react accordingly so that VHPready-based virtual power plants will continue to meet current requirements in the future.


Your contact person:

Eike Arndt (energy & meteo systems GmbH)

Head of Working Group 1

E-Mail: eike.arndt(at)remove-this.vhpready.de

WG2: Certification and prequalification

The second working group of the Industry Alliance has set itself the goal of adapting the entry requirements for flexibility markets to the requirements of a decentralised energy landscape. One example of this is the prequalification procedure of transmission system operators for the provision of control energy. WG2 stands for this in direct exchange with the relevant market partners, such as the TSOs. WG2 develops a certification program that tests VHPready compliant units (gateways, power plants and control rooms) according to the requirements defined in the VHPready specifications. The working group is in exchange with WG1 in order to provide the requirements for VHPready-compliant systems for the testing processes at an early stage and to contribute experience from certification to the further development of VHPready.


Your contact person:

Hartmut Bauer (50Hertz Transmission GmbH)

Head of Working Group 2

E-Mail: hartmut.bauer(at)remove-this.vhpready.de

WG3: International marketing and standardization

Working group 3 of the Industry Alliance aims to increase the international acceptance of VHPready as one of the leading communication standards between end consumers, storage facilities, local energy networks, medium-voltage systems and regenerative producers. In addition, the working group strives for international standardization by increasing acceptance as a DKE standard via the ZVEI, VDI/VDE/GMA and DKE, if applicable. The simultaneous presentation to the UCA and IEC as a standardization proposal is also aimed for.


Your contact person:

Fanny Haltenhof (WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG)
Head of Working Group 3 - Marketing
E-Mail: fanny.haltenhof(at)remove-this.vhpready.de

Dr. Weilin Liu (State Grid GEIRI Europe)
Co-Head of Working Group 3 - Marketing

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