Hanno Balzer, committee member of the Industry Alliance VHPready e.V.

“We look forward to henceforth advancing the standard developed by us in the industry alliance VHPready as company-independent industry standard. This will take us another important step closer to achieving an affordable energy transition.”

Dr. Thomas Luckenbach, committee member of the Industry Alliance VHPready e.V.

“The industry alliance VHPready provides us with the great opportunity to link decentralized energy components – energy producers, energy storage devices and energy consumers – in a technically simple manner using standardized interfaces, thereby arranging for an efficient energy mix. This, in turn, implies increased planning certainty, lower adaptation costs and thus greater opportunities for growth for all companies involved. The more companies are being involved in the alliance, the faster a successful transition can be achieved.”

Prof. Dr. Xianzhang Lei, committee member of the Industry Alliance VHPready e.V.

„The energy transition can be considered as a global project. VHPready offers the opportunity for building up international collaborations, in particular to use synergy effects between Europe and China. The latter being a clear win-win situation, as European companies is given the possibility to test experimental technologies in one of the world’s largest markets. As the first committee member with international-Chinese background it is of great concern to me to achieve the aforementioned goals.“

Shape with us the energy landscape of tomorrow.