The alliance

The Industry Alliance VHPready e.V. was founded in February 2014 by 15 companies as an initiative to support the energy transition. Currently 50 member companies of different industries and enterprise sizes  are working on the development and marketing of VHPready.


The association is politically independent, has no intention making any profit and is open to new national and international members.

Goals, tasks, organs and functions are regulated in the articles of association. The seat of the association is in Berlin.

The working groups

The Industry Alliance VHPready e.V. lives from its members and their active commitment. In working groups, the technical functionalities and application scenarios of the standard are developed. Furthermore testing and certification processes are modelled as well as positions and strategies of the Industry Alliance for public relations are designed. There are currently three different working groups, each of them is headed by one member from the industry. The topics and organization are determined jointly by the members in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for all.

WG 1: Advancement of VHPready

WG 2: Certification and prequalification

WG 3: International Marketing and Standardization

Services Company

VHPready Services GmbH is the operative arm of the Industry Alliance. It supports the implementation and international dissemination of the open industrial standard VHPready. Based on test specifications and together with partner laboratories, the company will carry out attestations in accordance with VHPready. Test and reference systems will be available.

VHPready Services GmbH provides services on request, e.g. training courses and workshops regarding the implementation of VHPready standard into customer system environments.

The offer is aimed to member companies of the Industry Alliance as well as to interested companies outside the Industry Alliance.


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