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The industry alliance VHPready e.V. develops the industry standard to encourage the networking of decentralized energy systems, the certification program as well as the appropriate testing tools in a cooperative and transparent manner together with its members.

The VHPready standard and its certification ensure a seamless, reliable and economic cooperation of all controllable components as well as their compatibility.

Scope of work

With VHPready version 4.0, a manufacturer-independent standard, which ensures the interoperability and controllability of system components of virtual power plants, is now available for the first time. VHPready facilitates the prequalification for the participation in the energy balancing market. The following system types are currently being supported:

  • battery storage systems
  • combined heat and power units (CHP)
  • electric heating
  • boilers
  • process heaters
  • buffer tanks
  • solar plants
  • heat pumps
  • wind plants

Data points for meters and external signal contacts are also available.

Benefits at a glance
  • Save time and money in the construction and expansion of Virtual Power Plants
  • High reliability – binding descriptions of functional interfaces
  • System compatibility and limited costs for system components
  • Simplification and acceleration of pre-qualification
  • Preserve qualified business interests through participation in the development
  • Promote market development in Smart Grids



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