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With the energy revolution and the ambition to establish a sustainable energy supply by means of renewable energy sources a trend reversal was initiated on the energy market. Whereas the heating of water in industrial scale has been a domain of the fossil fuels so far, electrically heated systems provide an economically and ecologically useful alternative today.

With an increasing portion of a regeneratively produced energy mix, the feeding of electric energy into the mains supply cannot be forecasted with the necessary accuracy. Temporary surpluses endanger the power system stability and lead to a price decline on the energy stock markets. As a consequence, the energy market called for technical solutions contributing to a grid stabilization and benefiting from the potential of favourable energy prices at the same time.

Because of the ongoing development of renewable energies the demand for easily shiftable loads for an economic and ecological reasonable use will increase.

By field linking the generation of heat from regenerative produced electrical power has high potential for efficient utilization.

The compact warm and hot water boilers of Klöpper-Therm were designed to exactly fulfill these requirements. They are suitable as consumer for mains stabilization, as autarkic hot water boiler for community supply as well as security of the district heat supply. Our warm and hot water boilers are suitable for all standard water qualities and can thus be integrated directly and quickly in your water circulation.

The usage of a VHPready compliant gateway allows an economically and safe integration of our heating systems into virtual power plants. Because of the standardized functional description within the VHPready standard even smaller units from our wide performance range of 35kW to 10MW can be integrated cost-efficiently without much planning effort.


Power-to-Heat offers nearly lossless conversion from electric energy to thermal energy

For whom?

  • Energy provider
  • Biogas plant operator
  • District heat operator
  • Swimming pool operator
  • Process industry
  • Housing estates

Where in the decentral energy grid?

Wherever there is demand of thermal energy


Heat demand

Advantages of PtH-Units from Klöpper-Therm
  • demands of the regular energy market (SRL, MRL) are easily fulfilled
  • wide power range from 35kW up to 10MW
  • simple connection to existent systems
  • optimized functional principle acc. to application
  • high efficiency factor, virtually no losses
  • without any local sources of emission
  • cost-efficient possibility of saving thermal energy
  • nearly maintenance free
  • optimal backup of fossil fueled heating systems
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Initial information can be found in our flyer available in the download area. We will gladly support you during the implementation of your project.


Company profile Klöpper-Therm

Klöpper-Therm has been the specialist for electrical heating systems and the reliable partner for different kinds of industries for more than 60 years.

Firmly established quality and safety standards in combination with innovative customized solutions are the key factors for our products and services.

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Set up and Operation of decentral energy systems.

The standard protocol VHPready offers operators of decentral energy systems simple control of various capacities.

Integrating, operating and optimizing a component within decentral energy systems.

VHPready supports the simple and safe integration of many energy component into a decentral energy system.

Shape with us the energy landscape of tomorrow.