The Virtual Power Plant

for direct marketing, remote control and balancing energy

With our Virtual Power Plant, we offer an all-round, carefree package that supports VHPready and other common interfaces for connecting decentralized power generators and controllable loads.It enables a fast and reliable power trading in renewable energies and decentralized power generating systems in the intraday, spot and balancing energy markets. The Virtual Power Plant can be optimally implemented for direct marketing of wind and solar power, including remote controlling, as well as the marketing of balancing energy of decentralized power systems. Being a software-as-a-service solution, there is no need to create your own infrastructure, as energy & meteo systems takes care of the hotline and 24/7 operations.

Key Technology for the „Energiewende" (Energy Transition)

The Virtual Power Plant is a modularly designed software suite which effectively connects, coordinates and monitors decentralized power-generating sites, storage facilities and controllable loads via a common intelligent control center. In doing so, it can act within various energy markets as would a conventional power plant. the Virtual Power Plant offers a broad variety of services to power plant operators, industrial enterprises, public services, electricity suppliers, power brokers and grid operators.

Supply of Balancing Energy and Ancillary Services

As a central marketing and control software, the Virtual Power Plant supports the supplier in the entire value chain of the balancing energy market, starting with the modelling of technical systems, including provision of prequalification documents and a web portal for communication with the plant operators, over the subsequent balancing group management to revenue accounting.

The comprehensive control system also includes the complete communication technology with the transmission system operators and the technical plants, all connections meet the very high safety requirements respectively exceed. In view of the trend to economically integrate smaller and smaller decentralized systems into the Virtual Power Plant and thus to enable participation in the reserve markets, all processes are designed for a high number of plants.

For whom?

Public services, electricity suppliers, power brokers, grid operators

Where in the decentral energy grid?

Central technical element for connecting all decentralized producers and consumers


No own infrastructure needed

Advantages in Power Trading
  • Bundling of decentralized power sources such as wind, solar or biomass and controllable loads into a high-performance portfolio
  • Real-time monitoring of all production data, load profiles and forecasts
  • Direct marketing of renewable energies to the electricity market: issuing of detailed schedules for optimal energy trading on the spot and intraday markets
  • Realisation of remote control capability for all EE plants
  • Making system services available such as primary, secondary and minute reserve power according to TSO requirements including dedicated lines to TSO
  • Certified connection to EPEX Spot via API (M7, ComXerv)
  • Avoidance of balancing energy through regulation within the pool
  • Efficient integration of reliable solar and wind power predictions and electricity price forecasts
  • Software-as-a-service with 24/7 service
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energy & meteo systems is among the internationally leading providers of power predictions and virtual power plants. With its services and more than 80 employees, the company substantially contributes to the efficiency of integrating renewable energies into power grids and energy markets.

By optimally combining their wind and solar power predictions with the individually customizable Virtual Power Plant of the software developer company, fluctuating, decentralized power sources can be reliably integrated into the energy grid and profitabably marketed at an energy exchange.

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Set up and Operation of decentral energy systems.

The standard protocol VHPready offers operators of decentral energy systems simple control of various capacities.

Integrating, operating and optimizing a component within decentral energy systems.

VHPready supports the simple and safe integration of many energy component into a decentral energy system.

Shape with us the energy landscape of tomorrow.