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What is VHPready?

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VHPready stands for Virtual Heat and Power Ready.

VHPready is an open industry standard for the control and integration of decentralized power and heat generation plants, consumers and energy storage systems into virtual power plants and smart grid applications.

Use Cases

Future turns into Practice.

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Set up and Operation of decentral energy systems.

The standard protocol VHPready offers operators of decentral energy systems simple control of various capacities.

Integrating, operating and optimizing a component within decentral energy systems.

VHPready supports the simple and safe integration of many energy component into a decentral energy system.

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Connecting components and control center


MDEX offers you a secure network connection between components and the control center.

Scalable connection and control


Scalable connection and control of components within a decentral energy system via the WAGO VHPready Gateway and the 750 system.

IXXAT SG-gateways


IXXAT SG-gateways are designed to enable communication between industrial automation systems and control systems for energy, water/wastewater, gas and railway power networks.

Easy manangement of components with VHPready


Using VHPready LichtBlick can easily manage your component in its virtual power plant.

Power-to-Heat Technology


Klöpper-Therm offers optimization of virtual power plants and decentralized power generating units by Power-to-Heat technology.


energy & meteo systems

energy & meteo systems offers virtual power plant software for direct marketing, remote control and balancing energy as well as infrastructure for plant connection as a service (Software-as-a-Service).

Who is VHPready

VHPready stands for strong partners from energy and industry.

The industrial alliance VHPready e.V. is committed to the implementation of the energy transition through enabling decentralised energy systems. The development of the standard, a certification program and appropiate testing tools takes place in a cooperative and transparent manner with all members. The industry standard VHPready itself and its certification guarantee a seamless, safe and economical interaction of all controllable components and their compatibility.


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