Update of VHPready Working Groups

After 3 years of successful work the working groups on “Advancement of VHPready” (WG1), on “Marketing and internationalization” (WG3) and on “Cooperation and standardization” (WG4) are slightly reorganized.


Due to the fact, that Mr. Klaus-Dieter Walter (SSV Software Systems, WG1 leader) has been elected into the Executive Board of VHPready and that Dr. Bartholomäus Wasowicz (E.ON Connecting Energies, WG3 leader) has taken new responsibilities within E.ON, this year’s general assembly has supported the following changes with immediate effect.


As new leader of WG1 Mr. Eike Arndt (energy & meteo systems) has taken responsibility for identification and coordination of upcoming technical developments and improvements of VHPready 4.0. Many thanks! Co-leadership is still vacant and member companies interested in technical aspects and willing to engage are more than welcome to contact Mr. Arndt directly or send an e-mail to office@vhpready.de.


Mr. Ulrich Hempen (WAGO Kontakttechnik, WG4 leader) has accepted to be in the lead of the newly formed working group 3 on “International marketing and standardization”. He is supported by Dr. Weilin Liu (State Grid GEIRI Europe) as a co-leader focusing on international standardization of VHPready. Tthanks to both of them! The new working group 3 will initially comprise all members of the former WG3 and WG4.


Working group 2 on “certification and prequalification” (includes testing issues) remains unchanged with Mr. Hartmut Bauer (50Hertz Transmission) as working group leader. Co-leadership is still open, please contact Mr. Bauer directly or send an e-mail to office@vhpready.de.


The above-mentioned changes have already been put into practice, an update of the respective working group descriptions on technical aspects, testing, certification and pre-qualification issues as well as on next steps in marketing and standardization will follow shortly on our website.