VHPready 4.0 White Paper

Real energy from virtual power plants? This is no contradiction, but requires an explanation: This white paper’s objective therefore is to present the concept of virtual power plants and to describe the current level of development of VHPready.

In May 2014 the Industry Alliance VHPready e.V. became operational with the stated objective of developing an open industry standard in order to consolidate and control decentralized power and heat generation plants, controllable loads and energy storage systems.

This white paper has been drafted by the Industry Alliance’s working group 1 (WG1) and intends to establish a common understanding of the scope of work and the fields of application for VHPready in its version 4.0. In this regard, the basic concept of integration of renewable energies into the energy supply system is presented, fields of application for VHPready are explained and various energy components are being evaluated for their compatibility and qualification to operate in a VHPready 4.0 based virtual power plant. To conclude, the aspect of certification and prequalification is briefly discussed.

All statements made in this white paper are of informative nature and refer to VHPready version 4.0; for binding technical specifications, please see the specification documents.

VHPready 4.0 White Paper
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